Use & Care Tips

Appliance Maintenance Suggestions

Proper use and maintenance is important if you want your appliance to remain in good working order for years to come. Unfortunately many consumers won’t worry about these things until it’s too late. On this page we’ve listed some of the most impactful actions you can take to keep your appliance in optimal condition and increase its life expectancy.


Refrigerator Maintenance Suggestions

  • Use a non-abrasive cloth or brush to clean your condenser coils periodically. This will maximize energy efficiency and keep from taxing your compressor.
  • Lower your energy costs and keep the refrigerator temperature between 36 and 40F and the freezer between 0 and 4F to ensure your compressor is not being overworked.
  • Water filters should be replaced once per year to prevent clogs, leaks, and to keep your water and ice clean. Filters used beyond their life can actually allow bacteria to grow inside of them.
  • Provide 4 inches of space on all sides of your refrigerator so that the heat the unit generates can escape.
  • If you don’t use much ice, empty your ice maker once every three months as old ice cubes can retain odors.
  • Make sure your refrigerator is on a level surface, otherwise the door seals can wear out faster than usual.
  • A well-stocked freezer will reduce energy costs and maintain the lifetime of your compressor.
  • To remove odors from your refrigerator, use a 1 : 1 solution of water to vinegar to scrub the interior walls, panels, and shelving.


Dryer Maintenance Suggestions

  • Make sure your dryer hose has no kinks obstructing air flow. It should also be as short as possible so the dryer is not working harder to pump out hot air.
  • Always clean the lint trap before each load!
  • Allow for the proper circulation of air by not overloading the dryer.
  • If you are using a vinyl vent hose, replace it immediately with an aluminum one. Vinyl hoses are not able to accommodate the heat that modern dryers produce.
  • To prevent dryer fires, once every three years remove the chassis of the dryer and vacuum or wipe out any lint that has built up.
  • Make sure the dryer vent is not blocked and air is able to flow freely.


Clothes Washer Maintenance Suggestions

  • Empty the pockets of clothing before washing them. Loose items can damage the washer as well as your clothing.
  • Leave the door of front-loading washers open when the machine is not being used. This prevents mold and odors from building up. For odor removal we advise our customers to use Affresh┬«.
  • The washer should be on a completely flat surface.
  • Old washing machine hoses are more likely to leak water which can damage your home. Replace your washer hose every five years.
  • Use the recommended washing instructions for clothes that contain them on their labels.
  • Wash brights and darks without hot water to avoid discoloration of your clothing.


Cooking Appliance Maintenance Suggestions

  • Do not use an abrasive material to clean a glass top surface as this can cause scratching.
  • Do not store heavy objects on a glass top stove. Replacing a glass top stove surface is one of the most costly repairs out there.
  • Stone and cast iron cookware can scratch glass top stoves.
  • Interior oven lights are simple to replace yourself. The majority of ovens use standard 40W appliance bulbs.


Dishwasher Maintenance Suggestions

  • Use a water softener if you have hard water as hard water can damage your dishwasher.
  • If your dishwasher is leaving a white film on your dishes, try LemiShine┬«. Modern detergents no longer remove these mineral deposits due to EPA regulations on the use of phosphates in detergents.
  • Do not block the flow of water from the spray arm when loading dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Ensure that your detergent-of-choice does not already contain a rinse-aid before you decide to use a separate rinse-aid product.
  • To prevent damage, investigate whether certain items are dishwasher safe before loading them. Temperatures inside your dishwasher can get very high and not all items are built to withstand them.
  • Powdered detergents have a relatively low shelf life and decrease in effectiveness within 14 days. Avoid stocking large boxes of them.


We’re here to help! Let us know if you have questions about the maintenance or use of your appliances. Give us a call at (214) 974-0630 or shoot us an e-mail.